✴️ Exclusive Preview to New Krystallos – “Fountain of Youth” ✴️

Exciting News for Electronic Pop Listeners!

On April 4th, 2016 – Krystallos (my main music project) will be releasing a new single on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & Amazon! Fountain of Youth took a few months to record & create as being one of the more unique tracks I have produced. Featuring House roots & EDM subtle overtones – Fountain of Youth is an eclectic song about digging down way deep to ancient times to uncover your biggest potential in life. Listen to the exclusive preview here, now!!

CHROMATIC_PNGAs being part of my next LP release (full length album) I will be releasing later on in 2016, “Chromatic” will be my 2nd official album as Krystallos and I hope you are all as excited as I am. I have started heavy production on many tracks and am writing new ones everyday now. I hope you stick around for my Sophomore album.

If you haven’t already, my first EP “Legacy” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & Amazon for purchase & streaming – today! Just search “Krystallos Legacy” to get your copy for under $5 and rock out to the tunes of happiness, sadness and mysteriousness. Hit me up through my Email for a free version of “Sometimes”, the single release off Legacy. krystallosmusic@gmail.com

I’ll wrap this puppy up now, thanks so much for reading. I am super excited about 2016 and I hope you are too. Please share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. I’ll be seeing you around!!

– Krystallos / Cameron Paris


CAMERON16TV: 2016 Personal Art Project (PAP)

     Every year, I want to present myself with a challenge. An idea that hasn’t quite been done yet in a particular way, a twist. Something that pushes me to all new heights with new information and experiences to move forward in life to build memorable moments with others and within myself.
All the while, I’ve not completed a PAP every year as I originally anticipated. Thus, the article below is the collection of successful art projects leading up to my latest installment in the series. Thank you for reading and I am eager to get this ball rolling.

eX22011: I presented the idea of cataclysmic colors colliding to create creative representations of moods & emotions. This project was titled “eXponential” and revolved around the idea that when I was feeling a particular mood anytime in 2013, I should cozy up to my drawing tablet and express in a chromatic representation of colors whether through abstract or physical objects, exactly what I was feeling at that moment.
The results were a success and I was quite pleased with the collection of images I was able to generate purely driven by emotions. Random at most to the naked eye, they hide ulterior motifs, distinct embodiments of emotion, and interesting compositions conveyed with vibrant colors. I’ve posted this collection to my website since and can be viewed here.

chroma_xyz2013: I wanted to express myself more photographically while also mixing my art with digital edits. I drew on top of, modified, added to, distorted, animated & stills – all revolving around the idea of triangles be placed somewhere within the image by interesting or questionable means. This project was entitled “Chromatic XYZ” based on it’s digital nature of extremely saturated imagery all while bearing some kind of questionable content. For example, splicing out a triangle from a photographed image, and flipping the new triangle upside down to achieve surreal effects made of realistic imagery captured.
I had tried many new techniques in which I hadn’t before. Using chromatic & 3D stereoscopic techniques to further saturate & mystify my images within Photoshop, I was able to achieve such effects that suggested analog lens flares, stereoscopic layers, and even distorted pixel compositions. I’ve posted this to my website since and can be viewed here.

C16TV2016: It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a yearly edition of a PAP (Personal Art Project). I wanted to get back in my artistic shoes, and just stomp around expelling creative juices in whatever ways I could. So, I had come up with the idea of a fabricated 1980s television station gone wrong, thus calling the project “CAMERON16TV”. Basically, the theme is “overly excessive” analog representations of video & stills through procedures enabled by VCR-equipped Camcorders, CRT televisions, and VHS recorded material being fed through several VHS machines to achieve such effects that imitate or suggest the organic feeling of analog filmed television content.
Essentially what I am trying to achieve is blurry, stereoscopic, frayed edges, static, and glitch art through means of analog vintage video-equipment most people would like to forget (or already have forgotten) about. I want to reintroduce analog to the world by means of creatively expressing myself so that each piece both contains recognizable content, meaning one wouldn’t have to guess an images subject or what was happening on screen to actually see what was being displayed; as well as unrecognizable content, meaning content that is so harshly effected by the equipment I plan on using that one cannot distinguish what is actually happening or what/who is being pictured & displayed.
I’ll be rounding up volunteers for recording material whether the final content be stills or moving pictures, all supplying written release forms to use this recorded content for no monetary gain to the subject for their inclusion in my project. I’ll be displaying my final pieces on many social media outlets as well as physical means (purchasable VHS tapes, printed ‘vintage-imitated’ stills, etc) to the public who wish to own physical copies. The intro image to this series can be viewed here which is simply my ultimate anticipated look & style for the composition and all other matters included within Cameron16TV.

If you wish to be included as a subject in this project, please send me an email with your name, age, current residence, and why you wish to be a  part of my project. paris_cameron@studiofirebolt.com

Thank you for reading.
My best,

Cameron J Paris
 //Graphic Designer
 //Music Producer
 //Disguised Octopus

Jan 2016 Update

*Art Update: For the year of 2016 I plan to bring back many things I have seemingly lost hold of as far as artistic creation goes. I slumped, slacked, and fell behind all of my favorite projects I had put together many years back and was lost as far as being inspired or anything close to picking up a pencil. As of late, I’ve been surrounded by so many great talents artistically and I plan on bring back MANY projects I so seemingly lost grip of. The first one is the one I am /most/ excited about … (drumroll please) …

ATLAN ATLAS: IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT! Originally voiced by Amanda, Ethan, Nicklaus & myself. The first episode has been in the works for the past few weeks and I’m extremely excited to show some work for this wonderful project very soon!! Read the full script here: http://bit.ly/1VkMDG8

Every year, I announce a new “art project” to challenge myself with. A few years back (’11) it was the “eXponential series”; a collection of vibrant illustrations and surreal scenes. http://bit.ly/1JBb4rP
February ’16 I plan to announce my new art project for the year. I look forward to this a lot!

Also in the works is my very first illustrated storybook titled “Sailing the Seven Seas in my Underwear”! A children’s book I plan on getting printed and sent out to all the new (and old) families that have children!

I have also re-opened my commissions aspect of Studio Firebolt Design Services. Purchase for $20 an illustrated version of your family, personal photo or couple photo and I will hand draw & print these for excellence. Details here: http://bit.ly/1SgL8sW

Overall, I am highly anticipating getting my Portfolio updated, creating new material left and right. I have many other projects I want to do, so keep your eyes peeled!! Thanks for reading this far if you did. Happy New Year all!

WoW Commission

Heya hiya,

As of late, I have been working with my new Cintiq 12wx to digitally recreate my friend’s WoW character, “Prankster”. It turned out a LOT better than I thought so for that I am grateful.

WoW Commission GIF
WoW Commission GIF

Would love to hear some of your opinions, and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

Aaliyah Sparx Returns

Hello all! It’s seriously been, forever!

Lots of stuff to come very soon.. Been working on some preliminary comic strips for the new launch.. This is all very new to you and me. So bear with me with preparation are made, and I do apologize for the delay in update. Life has been amazing in more ways than ever.

new aaliyah image & progress gif

Her-Hand-GIFI recently completed this illustration of Aaliyah. I hope to recreate each character in this fashion, so hold your jaws shut until the finals come out for all of them!! I am very excited about this! Also, you can view the progress shots (in GIF format) as to how she was made! 😀 Hope you enjoy.

Her Hand


More to come so stay tuned!

Hope to talk to you all soon. It’s going to be one hell of a year for Studio Firebolt & Daydream Nightmare alike.

Thanks again,